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Most people think, for a surprisingly long time, that they will be one day running a big company and making a lot of money.This will probably not be you just from the odds of it alone.I know, I know, I tell you all the time that you have to specialize. But to get higher, you need to get good at a wider range of corporate skills.

I took the test and found I was 100% motivated by achievement.Because once you see that there are three key motivators, you can see that there are three paths to being successful at work. People think that the CEOs of Fortune-500 companies are self-involved jerks, but that’s actually not true.The transition to top levels of management requires that you are not only a star performer but also that you care immensely about the growth of the people around you.Almost all Fortune 500 CEOs are ENTJs but only 2% of all people are ENTJs.

And, let me just remind you that I’m an ENTJ, and it would take me a mere month to run a Fortune 500 company into the ground, so way fewer than that 2% is actually capable of running a huge company.

Also, here’s some good news: Ode magazine reports that people who tell stories are healthier. The path to living in details, and mastering your craft. By focusing on either being king of the corporate world or being a storyteller, we have covered a large swath of those sixteen. ) But actually, I’m not one of those people because I like obsessing about details more than I like details. An aside: Have you noticed that most of the links in this post are from the Harvard Business Review?



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