Dubai free cam sites


these types of lists take a long time to compile & some information can go out of date as suppliers change their policies - you should always cross check if the information with several sources such as LJs Lyngsat Kingofsat Flysat that it has not altered.Showing sports or other material in a public place such as a bar or hotel may require certain permissions from the copyright holders & it is up to the individual to ensure all appropriate measures are taken- the suppliers of this list take no responsibility in it's use. Mitch, no disrespect but did you get the numbers from a book/site etc.The reason I ask is that as you can see from my earlier post I referred to Chris Endres's book.There is no question that Dubai is the ultimate 21 century city.


Yet this desert kingdom has a surprisingly rich history.Tell Abraq and Ad-Dur are remarkable sites in their own right.


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