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To have your photo be part of Uniquely Beautiful send a face shot or a photo that has your face in it (without makeup, and whether or not you have Vitiligo on your face).

We'll add it to the wall of beautiful Vitiligo faces.

While our Vitiligo is a private network, Uniquely Beautiful is a separate site for public view in order to encourage others with Vitiligo.


To avoid spammers on the network, we have to approve your membership after you sign up to join (filling out the profile questions helps us a lot). My vit colour intensity has reduced though I didn't get…" hello friends , How are you all. There are some seeds which can help to recover from vitiligo. Water melon seeds,…Continue Friends, It took me a while to decide to write this post about vitiligo on hands.They include general guidance, and specific examples […][mehr] (Quelle: W3C News) The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group has published a Working Draft of CSS Display Module Level 3.This module describes how the CSS formatting box tree is generated from the document element tree and defines the display and box-suppress properties that control it.Work looked less and less like work, and more and more like home.

Home offices became a big thing, and it’s now almost impossible to distinguish between home offices of famous designers and the workspaces (I don’t think we even call them “offices” any more) of most startups. There’s plenty of research that shows when employers place strict limits on messaging, employees are happier and enjoy their work more. Clive Thompson’s article about this for Mother Jones is a great overview of what we know about the handful of experiments that have been done to research the effects of messaging limits. It’s not just that constantly thinking about work makes us more stressed, it’s also that our fear of doing nothing—of not being productive every second of the day—is hurting us as well (we’ll talk about side projects another time).

If you send spam or inappropriate messages you will be banned from the network. Commercial posts, including repeated endorsements of "cures," will be removed. My mom is with me and I have been eating leafy veg daily. Although the post is strait forward regarding the very low chances to re-pigment, it also brings good news about…Continue Hi Friends, Be aware of the following SCAM pattern:1- A new member signs up;2- In a few days, this member starts posting stories and/or pictures to tease other members;3- Then this member creates…Continue Hi Friends, All the pictures below have one thing in common: The oxidation caused by free oxygen radicals.


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