Dating widower problems accommodating children with special


While there is fragility in every relationship, a widower learning how to date again often brings a different set of issues to a new relationship.When dating a widowed man especially a young widower, you will need to be sensitive to the loss of his wife. Perhaps he is trying to communicate clearly about his feelings of grief or guilt, after being married for many years.His wife died two years ago and together they had five children. FIVE :) To most people this would seem impossible and I cannot begin to imagine what it was like to deal with losing his wife and also have to face raising kids alone.My widower and his wife had a wonderful 18 year marriage and I know that the grieving process was a difficult one, and still continues to the this day.In dating and getting to know my W, I have come to love and cherish him and his children.

I hadn't really ever looked at it so out of curiosity I clicked on it, wondering what her page looked like. #15 was: "I could not survive without Kathy." When he told me that I was completely caught off guard and wierded out.

But using your best judgment and keeping a sensitive heart will help you foster a long and lasting relationship when the right one comes along, widower or not.

I have been dating a widower for about 3 months now.

My bubble was completely burst when i noticed that he has posted on Valentine's Day the number 15 and that he would love her forever. Not only was he posting on someone's Facebook that isn't alive anymore, but he was proclaiming he would love her forever and that he could not survive without her..all the world to see. Although, I know that it is completely natural for him to miss her and feel ALL of those things, and that he has the right to..still stung to be alive, excited about my future with him, and, in that moment, feel like a second choice to something that would never be replaced. But in the mean :) I'm going through the same thing with my boyfriend.

I don't desire to minimize the love that he had with his late wife or the pain of losing her, at all. But it still makes me sad to read his feelings in the present tense instead of the past tense. I'm going through a divorce and my bf is the love of my life this I know. Post stuff on his fb page about her and had my pictures on his wall. He is also very affirming in his love for me and I have never doubted how he feels about me.


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