Dating someone 20 years older than you Teen wank chatroom

As far as maturity levels he has his momemts where he is more inmature than me and I as well, He also is in better shape than I am.So like I said you really can't judge a person from there age.Now I am not raising hope hoping I will marry him, but I am just living my momnet with him.

The question you have to ask yourself is...the long run can you truely handle it? He likes how i can be immature at times to, shows him i can have some fun. i so hope hes the one, im so ready for a cominment, but i guess time will only tell. If he makes u happy and treats u well, then wats the big deal, go for it. I'm seeing a man who's 22 years my elder, and not only is he great in bed, but he's wealthy and has a great job. Are you saying if you're married to someone your age, and he gets sick, you're going to leave him? This man I'm seeing is good in bed, showers me with gifts, and treats me with respect.I was in love with a man 20 years elder then me, after facing few problems I started to think wisely, in 10 years time how our life would be? I'm 31 and I want to live my moment of life, I loved him but I knew this was for the best even though it did hurt.The other case now, I think I am going mad and everyone will think I am crazy (i know I am) is I'm now inlove with a man 14 yrs elder then me (that's fine) but married.Absolutely, it can work between two souls who are loving and open with each other and who want the best for each other, and want to spend their lives together.

But such a relationship will demand a special maturity on your part.

hi there uhh i totally agree with "age doesnt matter" thing but i think that theres at least a bit of a limit here people. and thats fine but guys lets be serious for a moment...20 years older? Your only in your 20s, you can afford to be in a relationship with him but please don't think it will aways be so good. In your 20s your still learning about yourself and you will change.


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