Dating royal copenhagen backstamps

Because porcelain production originated in China, Europeans and Americans used the term "china" to describe any fine porcelain piece.However, there are actually several different kinds of china, each of which uses a specific production process.Does it have a black edge or a decoration of fuchsia flowers?These details will help you figure out the name or number of the pattern. Consider some of the following: If you know the manufacturer and type of china and have taken some time to note the details on your piece, you're ready to figure out the pattern number or name. This site sells replacement pieces for many patterns, and they have an extensive library of patterns with photos.Since many manufacturers specialized in a single type of china, this can help narrow down the possibilities for your china pattern.According to Collector's Weekly, there are three main types of porcelain, all of which are commonly called "china:" Most fine china features an identification mark that helps to identify the manufacturer of the piece.Knowing this information is important for identifying the pattern.In many cases, there may be more than one stamp on an item, sometimes indicating where the piece was manufactured and where it was painted and glazed.

Also note any other significant colors in the design.

In many cases, patterns have been in continuous production for decades or even centuries.


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