Dating navy pea coat


Flag Officers wore cocked hats athwartships until 1825.The cocked hat for men was replaced with a shiny black tarpaulin hat with the name of the ship on a broad black ribbon.From Saxon times press-gangs had functioned in order to provide seamen.It was an Admiralty rule, founded upon very old usage, that every male British subject was eligible to be pressed into service.There are at least four reasons for the shape of the seaman's knife blade: blunt-ended for poor stabbing qualities and so it would cause less damage if dropped from aloft, because it can be used to cut stops without damaging clothing or sails, or can be used as a screwdriver.There was no standard uniform for officers until 1748.


At the end of the period this rate of pay, fixed by law, was about one-quarter the pay of a seaman in the merchant service. From about 1660 to 1797 the pay of an Ordinary Seaman had remained at 19 shillings, that of an Able Seaman at 24 shillings, a month.


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