Dating like 1960s

Why not start with your reception area and employ a girl like Joan. Altogether a lovely girl." And even as Ireland entered the 1980s there was no let-up.

One Yuletide, a leading recruitment agency in Dublin city centre advertised the merits of a young woman. How about decking your office with this lovely dolly!

One of the most senior journalists in Ireland today reported that at a national advertising conference, a bunch of male executives rounded off a night of carousing by ceremonially setting alight a copy of Status.

Conor Power We Irish have a long-time love affair with Lanzarote.

Sad to say, an excerpt from the property pages of this very newspaper some 40 years ago announced that "a sophisticated computer system will render it immaterial whether the modern secretary puts her shapely bottom on a chair in Stephen's Green, Sandyford or Santry".

At the beginning of the 1980s, a new magazine entitled Status attempted to give women a fresh voice to redress the imbalance.

There was absolutely no way they were parting a penny to a feminist magazine that, of all things, didn't even run a horoscope.

The magazine was forced to the wall by a hostile male-run advertising industry.

In that first issue, the reporters canvassed some high-profile males on their attitude to women.

A popular image survives in folk memory of rural women in their headscarves gathered around the parish pump, exchanging gossip until it was time for their husbands to come in to have their tea placed on the table.

Insofar as this cliché had any basis in truth, the women supposedly loitering at the pump were there because of their husbands.

The finalists' first task (of course) was to rustle up a meal.

That done, they were given a dab of make-up and wheeled back out to tell how they had trapped their husband." It went on to state that the woman was just 20 years old.


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