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The reason another sealing was needed was because Kotori took all 100% of her power back breaking the Spirit Link between them that would cause her powers to return to Shido when she calmed down.At the second sealing, she and Shido both regain their lost memories of the first sealing: an entity called granted her Spirit powers when she was left alone at home and crying (with which she destroyed everything around her and nearly killed Shido), told her to kiss Shido if she wanted him to live (which was how Kotori knew about the method to seal a Spirit's powers, and also the ability to heal from serious injuries that Shido got from her), and afterwards stripped them of their memories of its existence, as well as the entire incident.Fortunately, the one time she used Halvanhelev charged up Shido was able to stop and seal her before the energy was unleashed.When she loses her temper, her Angel changes to Nahemah, the Qliphoth counterpart of Sandalphon, and her Astral Dress becomes darker in color and more revealing.Her AST and Ratatoskr codename is Kotori is Shido's foster sister and the commander of Ratatoskr. Originally she was a human but gained the power of a Spirit five years ago, at the same time she was saved by Shido.There is no record of how Kotori obtained her Spirit powers; does not know why her and Shido's memories seem vague or missing from that crucial point.


After sealing the power of multiple Spirits, Shido's own power goes unstable in Volume 12, changing his personality and turning him into a threat.

Volume 17 reveals more details about his origin: born Shido Takamiya, actually lived around the time the first spatial quake hit and met the First Spirit, a nameless entity in the form of a girl, whom he called Mio.


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