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Merciere Maxime, Boulord Romain, Carasco-Lacombe Catherine, Klopp Christophe, Lee Yang-Ping, Tan Joon Sheong, Syed Alwee Sharifah Shahrul Rabiah, Zaremski Alba, De Franqueville Hubert, Breton Frédéric, Camus-Kulandaivelu Létizia. Abundance and seasonality of biting midges at a continental scale in Europe. Albert Sylvie (ed.), Bricas Nicolas (ed.), Conaré Damien (ed.), Fages Roxane (ed.), Fournier Stéphane (ed.), Misrahi Audrey (ed.), Moity Maizi Pascale (ed.). Richard Damien, Ravigné Virginie, Rieux Adrien, Facon Benoît, Boyer Claudine, Boyer Karine, Grygiel Pierre, Javegny Stéphanie, Terville Marie Annabelle, Canteros B.


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