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Coordinates are often represented as a 32-bit integer, where 5 of the least-significant bits are dedicated to the fractional part, and the rest store the integer part.Java lacks support for fractional integers directly, but you can represent them as integers.The length given by the Packet Length field is the number of bytes that remain in that packet, including the Data Length field.

For the computer edition pre-releases, see Pre-release protocol.

To convert from a double to this integer representation, use the following formulas: Once a Set Compression packet (with a non-negative threshold) is sent, zlib compression is enabled for all following packets.

The format of a packet changes slighty to include the size of the uncompressed packet.

If compressed, the uncompressed length of (Packet ID Data) must be equal to or over the threshold set in the packet Set Compression, otherwise the receiving party will disconnect.

Compression can be disabled by sending the packet Set Compression with a negative Threshold, or not sending the Set Compression packet at all.There are no clientbound packets in the Handshaking state, since the protocol immediately switches to a different state after the client sends the first packet.


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