Carbon dating used forensics

In this technique, 3D facial reconstruction software takes a real-life human remains and extrapolates a possible physical appearance.In order to run this type of program, you should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science, a Master’s Degree in Forensic Anthropology or a Medical Degree with an emphasis on Forensic Examination and Pathology. : Most people are familiar with the importance of DNA testing in the forensic science lab.Stuart Black, an environmental geochemist at the University of Reading, is pioneering a technique similar to carbon dating, but that uses isotopes of other elements. From the charred remains of a man who was repeatedly stabbed and then set on fire, he determined that the victim was probably from the former Soviet Union and had been dead about a week.“While that doesn’t give us a name and address, it helps immensely,” says Detective Superintendent David Hankins of the Cambridgeshire police.Virtually anyone, from a crime scene investigator to a firearms examiner, can operate a high-speed camera without any additional education or training.


This software combines observations of unusual digital financial transactions, customer profiling and statistics to generate probabilities of illegal behavior.

In order to accurately understand and interpret findings with this forensic technology, a Master’s Degree in Forensic Accounting is necessary.


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