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Luckily Andy and Ellen don't leave them any choice.

Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge - Carter has two problems - a horde of zombies overrunning the town and a daughter with an unusual request involving his Deputy.

When not preoccupied by sexual conquest, practicing medicine or avoiding the tragic Oceanside Wellness curse, will Amelia finally latch on to a promising opportunity? Set in the tiny space of time between the Grey's Anatomy Season 4 episode, "A Piece of My Heart," and the House Season 4 finale, "Wilson's Heart."Chloe has been having dreams of Lana since the tornados.

When her mother comes back to Smallville, the truth comes out, and Chloe gets the chance to make those dreams become reality. Gaia is pondering her fate, and her fortune of once again being reunited with Lucretia.

There's just one problem: Vicky is really prosecutor Alexandra Cabot.

Featuring: Kendall, Bianca, Jason, Carly, Elizabeth, and Gia. And more to the point, would CJ dismiss her again by reiterating that she didn't want to risk jeopardizing their relationship just to satisfy her curiosity?

When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters' names into a portmanteau word.


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