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For over 40 years we have fulfilled our mission by providing conferences for youth that are word driven, God centered and gospel focused.Learn More about RYM RYM does not exist to compete with the church but to be a helpful resource for the church in her ministry to youth and families.Camp consists of evaluation and development of skiing or riding skills.Emphasis of this camp is skiing & snowboarding skill development.Enrolling in our Blue Mountain Youth Racing Program is an important step to achieve continued learning and experience being part of a team.Developmental Mountaineers is a 90 minute program designed for skiers or snowboarders ages 5 (before Dec.


* Skiers or snowboarders who cannot make all days per week may register for the day or days of the week that they wish to train.

Freestyle skiers & snowboarders will train separately.

Participants will be split into groups with ages and ability taken into consideration.

All participants meet at 9am on Saturday January 6, 2018 so we can evaluate skiing & riding skills and physical development.


Participants will be grouped and assigned a session after this evaluation.Camp participants must be enrolled in one of the Blue Mountain Junior Competition Programs.


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    Sankaty seeks to provide activities in which an entire family may participate.

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    C’est un bâtiment qui a été refait à neuf entièrement et chaque chambre fait environ 15 mètres carrés avec sa propre salle d’eau et ses toilettes.

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    Seit nunmehr 10 Jahren sind Bulgarien und Rumänien Teil der EU. Anmeldung und weitere Informationen zum Planspiel, auch zur Bescheinigung der Teilnahme, unter. Termine bei der Deutschen Botschaft, dem DAAD-Büro, der Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), der EU-Delegation in Russland, der Internationalen Deutsch-Russischen Auslandshandelskammer, beim Fernsehsender Russia Today sowie bei der Auslandsredaktion der "Zeit".

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