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While the handwriting analyses were eventually deemed inconclusive the investigation did determine, however, that the ransom note was written with Patsy Ramsey’s pen on a piece of her stationery. Why would someone write a ransom note if they planned to kill Jon Benet, or she had already been killed?The ransom note has raised several questions, which still remain unanswered, all these years later. There are some pieces of circumstantial evidence that would seem to aim guilt at the Ramseys.Her parents, John and Patsy, put her to bed, not knowing that it would be the last time they saw their little girl alive. It is thought that it was John Ramsey himself who found his daughter’s body in the basement of their home.


Some involved in the case have speculated that Patsy may have written the note herself.

There were fibers detected on the duct tape that was used to cover Jon Benet’s mouth and/or nose.


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