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Update: I appreciate the positive messages, but I’m turning comments off now for reasons you can guess.If you were going to leave something rude, go find something better to do with your time. First, I want to elaborate on some of the points I made during my panel on cultural appropriation.Many of the biggest hits of 2017 were by creators of color–see . But when white authors flop, no one says “Oh, well, guess this proves we should cancel the trilogy about Macaroni Marshmallow Vanillaland.” On the other hand, many writers of color I know feel the immense weight of expectations on their shoulders.(An audience member very eloquently made this point, and I’m sorry that I don’t know your name.) Books by white authors sell very badly very often. If they don’t sell, then their narrative–their background, their right to tell stories–gets written off as unviable. I don’t want to discount the fantastic work that’s being done on this front. I don’t think any of these arguments are outlandish or particularly controversial.


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