3 methods of radiometric dating

For example, the 1st year of the "Republic Era" was 1912.

His grandfather and father also employed era names, though not continuously.Of the 33 Western Xia era names, seven have more than three characters.For example: Before the Ming dynasty, an emperor often changed his era name as often as he liked.Exceptions to this are the Taichang Emperor of the Ming (being dead after reigning for only one month, his successor decreed that the Taichang era name be used for the rest of the year), the Zhengtong Emperor of the Ming and Hung Taiji of the Qing (both used two era names). Declaration of another era name when one was already in use was regarded as a challenge to the current emperor.

The existence of more than one era name at a time often reflected political unrest.Era names were also employed (under different naming conventions) in other East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and Vietnam, mostly because of China's cultural influence. The Republic of China Era, used in China from 1912-1949, and still used in Taiwan, marks years as Minguo (i.e.



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